Where the Mainstream Media Fails

Isn’t it a failure when they leave out a very important part of the story?   Isn’t it a failure when the media has their own agenda, instead of being impartial?  Isn’t it a failure when the media leaves out a very important part of the  story?

  • Almost all of the mass shootings (media usually says ) were done by someone with mental illness.
  • What part do they leave out?

The media leaves out the part where the shooters, most of them , might have been on psychotropic or other kinds of drugs that some doctors give to some patients who are mentally ill.

The media will not publicize this because the media doesn’t want to get sued by the shooters’  families.  And the media doesn’t publicize this because  the media’s agenda is to STOP GUN ownership in America.    And if the media has to admit that the problem is the drugs, not the guns, then the media’s agenda is in the trash.

SO, the media goes after the guns, after the gun owners , the legitimate gun owners and goes after a highly-respected organization that trains people in gun safety and that helps people defend their rights to own legal guns.

So, while the media is chicken to admit the truth about the mass shootings, the media is loud and outspoken against the NRA, and against the owners of legal guns.

Where’s the outcry against the drugs that are prescribed that admittedly by their own ‘side effects’ reports, admittedly  say that suicide might be one of the side effects, that violence or violent behavior might be one of the side effects ?

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Helpful Hints for Travelling

The most important thing that I know about travelling is that it is essential to travel light.  With the exception of items that are for emergency use,  you should limit your luggage or bags to one bag,  — just one carryon bag.

Whether you are going by train or bus or any other way,  when you pre-plan and when you have the right clothing in your home, you can travel light .

You need only essentials,  water, first aid kit, phone, laptop, pen, paper, stamps, coins, credit card, check, traveler’s checks, basic clothes Bible,  shoes, sleeping bag, travel pillow,  maps maybe, mini-notebook, and something to read, earphones or headset.   If you take any medicine, bring that and or bring a refill or your prescription papers, and proper identification, drivers license, photo identification and or valid passport.      Of course, edit that list to your personal needs.  Everything else you can purchase on your trip , during your trip.   If travelling by car, portable tent, emergency kit, spare tire, snacks, and personalize the list.

Before travelling, know where the basics are  – the bookstores, malls, libraries, parks departments ,  recreation centers, and personalize for your own list.

The most important things that I know about travel is to check the news and the current events shows.   If there are countries that are unfriendly or dangerous for citizens, then do not choose those countries for your vacation plans.

In light of the latest news about the latest missing people and people found dead,  avoid any travel to Mexico, to any and all parts of Mexico.   Even  the tourist parts of Mexico are dangerous for travelers and sometimes even dangerous for the locals.

For Airlines, Plane Trips

  • Go by train
  • Okay, if you must go by plane, don’t bring chocolates or cheese .
  • Pack lightly, one carry-on bag , that’s it.
  • Don’t bring glass bottles, or dangerous items onto the plane.
  • Arrive extra early or you’ll miss your flight.
  • Wear slip-on shoes.
  • Go by train.    (Smiles)
  • Don’t drink the water unless it’s bottled.
  • Try not to eat the food.  Seriously, you can go without food for a few hours, right?
  • Get flights that are direct (no stop overs)
  • I’ve heard that Jet Blue is nice, though I’ve never been on a plane.
  • Seriously, if I was going on a plane, I wouldn’t even bring a carry-on.  Take the clothes on your back  a bottle of water, a credit card , some cash, and some type of music player, Walkman etc, phone, and ask the rules of these before boarding the plane.
  • Go by train or car or walk  or bike or boat.    (smiles)
  • Don’t go by trampoline .